Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Green Tip of the Week

Green Tip of the Week: Buy renewable energy from your power company!

Not everyone has this option. Here in SW VA, it's seriously limited. Check out your power company, and see what options they have. This power may not be much more than what you are already paying, and when demand goes up, these companies will hurry to keep up the supply! We, as consumers, have POWER when it comes to our dollar! If you don't have renewable energy options...demand them! Write to your power company, your state senators, your local officials, your Congress and the White House! There is no reason any new coal plants should be built. Our energy consumption, and the way it is produced is the biggest environmental dilemma of our age. If we can stop the coal burning plants, demand renewable energy, and fight with our monetary choices, we can help solve the global warming problem. This is a great feeling! You don't have to be Brad Pitt and donate $5 million dollars! All you have to do is vote with your money, and you will make a difference! Check out this site for more info on renewable energy and fighting new coal plants scheduled to be built near you.


Anna-Lisa said...
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Anna-Lisa said...

In the UK we have some great up and coming renewable energy companies including Ecotricity who I have my electric with.

I think that by switching to companies that offer renewable energy, it will demonstrate that consumers want cleaner / greener energy. Companies that only offer energy from the burning of fosil fuel will have to start paying attention to consumer demand and invest more in renewable technoloy.