Monday, March 17, 2008

Our new deck using reclaimed lumber

I love living in a rural area! Barn wood is plentiful! This wood was actually salvaged from a home being torn down. A local gentleman who is a retired contractor watches out for these things for us, and managed to score enough of this wood to help us build a deck. Now I just need to finish the railing and stairs, and add my girly touches! Pots of herbs, and a special spot for my worm composting system!
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Monday, March 10, 2008

Our car is dead

Well, it had to happen sometime. Our '91 Honda Prelude is dead. The timing chain has broken and bent a valve in the engine and is no longer cost effective to fix. What should we do? Well, we would love to buy the Prius, but since a car payment is not in our budget or our ideals, we will have to find a new/old car. We will sell this one for parts, to ensure most of it is recycled and salvaged. But in looking for a new/old car, we'd like to find one we could use biodiesel fuel with. Does anyone out there do this? We are just starting to research this option, any suggestions?