Sunday, February 10, 2008

Composting for the beginning Gardener

I am starting a garden. This may not sound like a monumental statement, but if you knew me, you'd know it was! And I am the type of person that has to follow through with what I said I'd do....even if I come close to killing myself doing it! That's probably to a fault, but if I want to motivate myself to get something done I just tell someone I'm going to do it, it keeps me accountable.

So....back to the garden thing. We live in Zone 6-7 and plan to garden in raised beds. We want to raise a good majority of our eating veggies, and maybe a few laying hens. I am just dying to start!

First things first! We acquired some reclaimed, untreated hemlock from a barn demolition to make our raised beds with. Can you say reuse! Yipee, so next we are focusing on soil. For that we are going to get some local organic soil from a farmer. Then we are going to start a Vermicompost system. Yes, this means worms. And a lot of them considering how much food waste we have per week.

I will try to post our progress, and please chime in with any stories of your first garden! Tips would help too!


GreenStyleMom said...

I just got a worm composter this morning from freecycle! I'm pretty excited to start. I'll be researching for the next month and probably ordering worms the end of March. I'm planning to blog about the whole process.

Gruppie Girl said...

Can you talk more about vermicompost?

I buy "worm poop" already bottled to fertilize my house plants, but I would love to do my own on a large scale.

Mama said...

Greenstylemom-you are so blessed! Being in a rural area, freecycle is a better place to give than to receive!
Gruppie girl-I will definately have more posts about vermicomposting!

PopMom said...

I wanted to start a compost this year too. What made you guys decide on a worm composter? I'm just starting to research options.

Mama said...
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