Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring is here!

I was so excited to find these at Lowe's! Solar lighted endcapes. They just fit right on top of our posts beautifully! They automatically light up at night, and they look great! No electricity used!

We also went about planting 6 trees last weekend in our yard. 2 are dogwoods to block the view from the sidewalk to our bedroom window, and the other 4 are fruit trees. Peaches and pears mmmmm!

And this is where my 4 raised beds will be for our Square Foot Gardening adventure. Let me tell you, I have never even kept a houseplant alive! A dear friend of mine is growing many organic and heirloom plants from seed to sell. Better her than me this year! I am a bit overwhelmed at all there is to know! Tomorrow is an Organic Gardening class at our town Garden Festival, I'll blog about it! Enjoy your weather, it's almost time to plant!

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Karen L. Alaniz said...

Oh I love, love, love your blog. We should be friends! Is that weird? Anyway- "anonymous" left a comment on my blog and suggested I visit yours, so here I am. I'm getting ready to garden too. I have a raised bed box for the first time ever...put it in last fall(ish). So it's never had anything in it yet...well, that's not true. The neighborhood cats (including mine) seem to meet there...OFTEN. Anyway- Great blog! ~Karen

Crafty Green Poet said...

these are great lights, I love the reclaimed lumber too!

Granola said...

Oooh square foot gardening! I'm hoping to get started on that too. Though I don't know that I'll be able to swing it this year - I don't know how those prairie women tended to their gardens while lumbering around pregnant. What did you use to build your garden frames? I've heard not to use treated wood . . . so what's the alternative? Thanks for your time, and your comment on my blog.

Mama said...

We used reclaimed lumber from the inside of an old home that was torn down. It wasn't treated, just cut and used to frame a roof. Of course, this is info given to us...could be wrong, but it definately looks untreated. Check your local salvage.

Granola said...

Thank you, thank you! I think I'll check a book about square foot gardening out from the library to quell my interest for the time being.