Monday, May 26, 2008

It's Easy Being Green: A Handbook for Earth-Friendly Living by Crissy Trask

Be a Bookworm Challenge over at Green Bean Dreams had me excited to read a new book this month! I decided to choose It's Easy Being Green by Crissy Trask.
I am a typical stay at home mom for the most part, and going green has got to be simple, cost effective and smart for me. I am willing to sacrifice some, but I am also a realist! I realize that if it is too tough, it won't last, and I want lasting change for my family and the planet! This little pink book and it's title caught my eye in the bookstore:

Upon further inspection, I decided it was definately worth a buy and read. It is printed on recycled paper, and offers a section with specific and effective tips to follow on your path to a green life. Each tip has boxes for you to check off for ones you want to target, are currently working on, or have achieved. These are great, and are targeted at those of us who are busy and need some hand holding. From saving paper, to saving energy and everything in between, these practical tips will empower the average person to feel like they are making progress.

So often our desires to "go green" leave many of us feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. When we start to hear of all the problems that the green movement wants to tackle, it seems like a hurdle that is impossible to jump. Trask takes these worries to task, and devotes an entire chapter to green myths. Other chapters include Buying Green, Getting Involved and Resources. This book deserves a place on my bookshelf, as I continue to work through the tips, step by step. To quote the book quoting Plato: "Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow."


Gray Matters said...

Sounds good - I'll have to check it out. Thanks.

TurnOFF said...

I'm a student at Stanford, and working on a project about computers and eco-efficiency.. creating ways to be VERY easy to be green!

Many children don't turn off the computer when they are done using it, even though this action is comparable to turning off the lights when they leave a room or cleaning up their toys when they're done playing. Teaching this to our children not only provides a great opportunity for them to learn a simple, responsible behavior, but it also saves on the electric bill and helps planet earth! Visit for more information and to download an application that simplifies the process of shutting down a computer or putting it to sleep.

Green Bean said...

Great review. I do think these kinds of books are so helpful. It is so nice to be able to work our way down a checklist rather than mull through pages upon pages of theories and philisophical arguments. Thank for your sharing your review and for participating!

dana said...

I loved this book. I got it from a book membership I have and it has so many wonderful ideas for being Green. :)

ec.woodsie said...

Even graffiti is going green!