Monday, October 20, 2008

Better Life Green Cleaners

Want to clean your home without trashing the planet or your health? Most of us know that traditional cleaners are a toxic cocktail of chemicals known to be endocrine disrupters and cancer causers. But many of us don't want to sacrifice a clean home to make the switch. At Mama Goes Green, we have tried a host of non-toxic cleaners in our home, and some of them have fallen short, while many of them have performed just as good as their traditional counterparts. We've happily made the switch, and feel healthier for doing so. However, we are always looking for breakthrough green products that do the job faster, better, and cleaner for the planet. That's when I discovered Better Life cleaners. And I can honestly say I'm in love. Not only with the packaging and hipness of the bottles, but with the superior cleaning power and strength. Seriously!

Better Life Green Cleaners were developed by two dads who were lifelong friends, and concerned about the safety of their small children. Fortunately, Kevin Tibbs just happened to be a formulation chemist, whose specialty was safe and non-toxic skin care! Together, Kevin and co-founder Tim Barklage, embarked on a quest to come up with safe, non-toxic and green cleaners that performed better than their traditional counterparts. They launched late this year, and have already been a hit with all those who use them, including Whole Foods! And you can trust the safety of their products, as they hold themselves to a different standard than the rest of the industry. Many of the "green" products on the market today are held to low standards, and are frankly a case of greenwashing. Barklage and Tibbs set out to make products that were the absolute best for our health and the environment. Specifically, they contain no petrochemicals, no VOCs, no ethoxylates, no sulfates, no monoethanolamines and no diethanolamines. They don't even have alcohol in them-a breakthrough characteristic in the industry!

This week Better Life sets are 10% off in our store, We are proud to support this new company, and to offer these products to our customers. Each set includes:

* I Can See Clearly, WOW!™ glass cleaner

* Even The Kitchen Sink™ gentle scrubber

* what-EVER!™ All-Purpose Cleaner
and optional add on:
*2am Miracle Nursery cleaner...a truly amazing product!

Sale ends 10/25...have fun shopping!

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