Thursday, December 11, 2008

Green Link Round Up

With Christmas on my heels, and more snow already than all of last year combined, many posts in my head have gone unwritten. So to break my silence, I thought I'd share some great posts I've enjoyed lately. Enjoy your reads!

photo by: Liralen Li

Green link Round-up:

Crunchy Chicken shares some great ideas and links for homemade Christmas gifts

Kale for Sale shares some urgent info and petition links for Food Democracy

EnviRambo posted at the GreenPhoneBooth about a topic near to my heart and my house!

Inspired by The Good Human's post on Living Simply:

I just discovered the WonderofCreation blog, and so happy I did! Wonderful Christian stewardship articles.

Love the Giveaway on GreatGreenGoods...I hope I win!

Not green necessarily, but simple living at it's best: Frugal Dad's Five Daily Actions to improve your Financial Life

And as always TheSmartMama has a wealth of info to learn, and asks us to get involved with speaking up about a potentially harmful law.

Don't forget to check out MamaGoesGreen for free shipping until Christmas!

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kale for sale said...

Thanks for the link and posting about the food democracy petition! I've seen more references to the petition since I posted about it, which is very hopeful that there's a chance we can get a Secretary of Ag that isn't connected to agribusiness.