Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fun Weekend Green Projects: Beanbag toss

Have fun this weekend with this simple project! It's economical, and re-uses items most people have around their house. Beanbag Toss is a favorite game of all my kids, from 3-8yrs old! Here's a list of things to round up:

Fabric Scraps
Ribbon or twine
Empty bucket or basket
(we re-used a container that held bulk biscotti)
dry beans or peas

No sewing required! Just take some fabric, pour some dry beans in the middle, bundle 'em up, and tie a string around it. Make 5 or 6, and have fun tossing them in a pail or bucket that would've ended up in the recycling bin or landfill otherwise! Happy weekending!
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Bella Vita said...

hi mama,

i would like to add my greenie blog to your blogroll and cannot find the box or info area to provide you with my information; i know you're busy with your little one, so when you can, could you please give me some guidance on how to get on the blogroll?

many thanks!

Anonymous said...

looks like a good idea!