Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stainless Steel Filterable Water Bottle: EcoUsable

We have all seen the studies: Bottled Water is no better than Tap Water. Not to mention that bottle water costs dollars when tap costs fractions of a penny! For this frugal mom, that fact alone would have me bringing my own! But when I saw the pictures of the Great Plastic Garbage Patch in the Pacific, the impacts of plastic really hit home.

I love my reusable water bottles, but often when I'm on the go, refilling leaves me with less than desirable tasting water. I know, I know, bottled water is not much different from normal tap water, but my taste buds care! I couldn't bear the eco-guilt of buying a water bottle, so I generally went unhydrated instead. Enter the Ech2o; the perfect solution for a busy mom on the go(or any person for that matter!)

EcoUsable has created the first stainless steel water bottle with a filter built in. A durable water bottle that will last for years, and can be completely recycled when you can't use it anymore! The filter is effective for about 500 fills, 1yr or 100 gallons. The most amazing part: It is effective in filtering ANY kind of water except salt water. You could dip this in a nearby river and the filter removes up to 99.9 percent of sediment, dissolved solids, chemicals, and biological pathogens.

I love our ech2o water bottle, and you will as well. Also great for Back to School; teachers or students! Would make a great gift for any new college student, active outdoorsman or overseas traveller. For all my readers I am offering FREE shipping at with code: eBfreeship!


2Shaye ♪♫ said...

99.9% Wow, how in the world do they do that with such a tiny filter? Our very pricey reverse osmosis household system also removes 99.9 but it has like 6 different filters and the ultraviolet lighting filter on it. What it puts out is virtually the same as distilled water.

I'm going to have to look into this one. Good find! I'm also wondering if you can just buy a new filter instead of having to recycle the whole thing after one year. Do you happen to know?



Mama said...

Yes, you can buy a new filter. They are $24.99. And the filter is pretty amazing. It is on the same line as a straw filter you would wear on a pack while hiking. When you suck through the straw, you power the filtering. Thanks for visiting!

Timothy said...
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