Wednesday, February 3, 2010

National Green Week Feb 1-5

Did you know it's National Green Week? Well, neither did I! From Feb 1-5 schools around the country are observing National Green Week. The "objective is to empower students to become environmental stewards within the context of their own lives", according to the Green Education Foundation. They are running several challenges, including a energy saving program, a green thumbs/gardening challenge, and a waste-free lunch challenge. I love that the kids are being taught about recycling, composting, saving energy and using reusable items. These small changes truly add up to make a big difference, and many parents need the extra encouragement from their kids to follow through. (I know mine are always vigilant and keep me accountable). Since we homeschool, we'll have to do this on our own, but the GEF site has activities and suggestions to do with your children or co-op. Leave me a note if your children are participating, I'd love to hear how it's influenced your home.

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