Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Seventh Generation Review Go Green and Stay Clean

My primary concern that has lead us to go green and pursue green living standards is the health of our family. The chemicals we use in our every day cleaning products have always concerned me. It took a while for me to make a change though, because I didn't know where to start! I also thought it would cost too much for our small budget. I have found out that making one step at a time in this journey to go green is the most important. I decided to start with the items I used the most. So, since I am constantly doing laundry, and cleaning up my kids' messes, this Seventh Generation All-Purpose Cleaner was the next green cleaning product we decided to test.

Seventh Generation products are the most well-known, and fairly easy to find. Most Target stores carry Seventh Generation cleaners, and they are most definately at your local health food store. Here is what we thought of this cleaner:

Overall effectiveness: Did a great job on tough areas like the kitchen and bath

Packaging: Attractive, easy to use

Price: $5

We found that a little goes a long way with this, and you can water it down some to make it last longer. It is great on hard surfaces, including marble and tile, although it says not to use it on wood. Got the soap scum off of my tub without too much effort, and doesn't smell at all. Our only complaint would be the price, and the fact we couldn't find a concentrated version to save on packaging, etc.

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