Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Harvest Table-Sustainable Dining!

Living in the mountains of Southwest VA has its perks and its downsides. Loading my recycling into the van is often accompanied with grumbling of some sort bemoaning the lack of curbside options. Heck-I'd pay for it if someone would let me! But the passion for local here is downright ingrained. People want local businesses, local food, local entertainment, and if it's not "from round here" locals are downright suspicious of it. As a transpant of a big city, I am constantly taken off guard by the intricacies of small town life. The fact that people who I have never been introduced to still know who I am and where I live is a bit disconcerting! But for all the culture shock that I have been through, I am thankful for this place. I am thankful that the passion for local has been easier for me to catch here than it would be in a big city. Case in point is The Harvest Table in Meadowview, VA. Everything served here is made locally, and in season. Local farmers' harvest literally comes from the field straight to this restaurant's table. This is a place I can feel good eating out at! Thankfully, I have these organizations built into our local community. If you have a passion for local and sustainable, but not many options, I encourage you to start your own organization. We are all hungry to connect to our food in a personal and gratifying way. We are growing gardens, and supporting our local farmers to do it. It's nice to see what a little effort can bring forth.

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