Saturday, June 28, 2008

Can someone who gardens please help?!

Okay, I am such a rookie, and pride always comes before the fall! Is this bacteria wilt?
On my zucchini:

On my green beans:

On my pepper plant:

On my squash plant:

On my tomato?!Starting on my honeydew?!


GreenStyleMom said...

My outdoor garden plants always have something funky going on with the leaves. My zucchini gets white patches every year but still continues to produce too much zucchini.

If it isn't too bad, I'd just pull off any bad leaves (just don't put it in your compost!).

Also, if you are watering at night, try switching to watering in the morning. The sun will dry off the leaves.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

The second shot of your bean plants, where it looks like trails through your plant? That's a leaf miner - an insect. If you flip the leaf over, you can see the little lump/bug and squish it. As for the rest, I'm not sure what that is. Google it or grab a problem solver book from the library. When I have a moment, I'll take a look through some of my books.

Might be awhile, though!

Anonymous said...

Susie here. I can't give you much help even after some research. My first inclination is that it is a deficiency of some sort from your soil. Did you get it tested when you built your raised beds? That might be a starting place.

Vicki Arnold said...

You might check out the June/July 2008 issue of Organic Gardening. I just checked it out from our library, but haven't read it yet. The cover says there is an article called "How To- Cure Plant Diseases."

Hope you find it helpful, we had a similar issue with our garden this past year.