Thursday, July 17, 2008

Green your food Tip # 2

Here's another Green Your Food Tip: connect with other people who grow food. Your neighbors, friends, church members, anyone with any type of garden. Give away your extras, and offer help if it's needed. For example, when we heard that someone in our church had 200 blueberry bushes that needed to be picked before the bears came and ate them all, we offered our labor for the price of the blueberries:) Seriously, you'd be suprised how many gardeners are willing to swap and share! Get connected to your local community. Here's some pics of our blueberry adventure:

P.S. Look at my tomato I harvested from the garden yesterday! Yum!


Sarah said...

Hi I thought I would drop by and ask you a question by way of comment. I would send you a personal email but you don't have it posted.

I was one of the winners from the bloggy giveaways you participated in April.

But I never recieved the giveaway prize, the shaklee giftbasket.

I just thought I would let you know. I planned on letting you know sooner but It slipped my mind and I was hoping you would send it eventually. Maybe you did send it but it got sent to the wrong place I am not sure, maybe you could let me know...


Greenbaby said...

Those are wonderful photos! We've picked and frozen heaps of blueberries. It's such delicious, healthy, local fun!

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sweetfunkyvintage said...

I just wanted to say thanks for your sweet comment on the blog posting about my husband. It was so kind of you to stop by and lend your support.
We are doing well and have even had a video conference already - kind of fun!
Take Care!