Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Farmer's Market goods

These are my purchases from the last farmer's market:

The organic zucchini and squash is so yummy, but hopefully I won't have to buy it anymore once my garden starts producing! The dark fruit is a type of cherry, and tastes a bit like a mini plum. The bag is full of garlic scapes, which are delicious chopped in stirfry or a salad dressing. The flowers are also locally grown, and I love having flowers that are lovingly grown and cut without having to travel 3000 miles to get to me!

Be adventurous and try something new at the farmer's market near you. Eating in season is very satisfying and it's thrilling to try out new foods I've never eaten before. For a map of what's locally in season, take a look here.
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Lisa Sharp said...

Looks fun! I love farmer's markets. I have a challenge going on at my blog I think you will like, check it out. :)

Michelle said...

We heart Farmer's Markets,There is one nearby every week,must get over there .I bet the garlic is tasty.

Minda said...

This is great info to know.