Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to Cook a Pastured Chicken

I can never roast my pastured chickens right....I usually end up making them too dry. Pastured meat is a different kind of bird because there is more muscle, and less fat, making cooking times different from what you may be used to with a conventional chicken. So finally, I decided to crockpot the bird.....and I am now in heaven. Not only does it make a juicy, delicious dinner, but the meat just falls off, and you can utilize every last shred of meat without too much work. After I remove the meat, I simply leave the bones and skin in the crockpot, add some filtered water & seasonings and turn the crockpot back on low overnight. It produces a delicious, and oh-so healthy for you, bone broth that will help stave off the flu and other winter viruses. Not too mention you just can't buy broth like that at the store! With the extra cost of pastured poultry, utilizing every jiblet is important to keep the relative cost down. Works for me, hope it will work for you!


PCJ said...

You have to teach me exactly how to do this. I can't even cook a normal commercial chicken properly. I LOVE using my crock pot though-- just did a pork tenderloin that way today!

John at Cell Phone Recycling said...

I cook this kind of chicken with ginger. The recipe is called chicken ginger soup. you can also add some vegetables in it. Perfect for the coming winter.