Wednesday, April 21, 2010

EarthDay is 40!

Happy EarthDay!
This is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, and there is so much to celebrate! Many of you have taken the first steps to go green, like carrying reusable bags & bottles with you and recycling when you can. This is fantastic! This Earth Day choose one more thing to get a little "greener". Here's a list of ideas:
Eat Local & In Season

There are so many reasons why this is important. As far as eco-impact, when you eat locally you cut down on transport miles & fuel usage to get food from one place to the next. Also, small family farms are much more likely to use sustainable practices, preserving farmland and soil health. This keeps our air, water and food sources clean and healthy for all! To find local sources near you check out: Local Harvest

Commit to going Waste-Free

Most of us have a reusable water bottle...but do you still pack things in plastic baggies for to go lunches? How about use paper towels for cleaning or paper napkins for dinner? Choose one disposable product you can't imagine living without...and give the alternative 2 weeks. You'll wonder why you waited so long! Not to mention how nice it feels to completely skip the disposable aisle at the grocery stores!

Buy Less, Buy Used, Buy Quality

Before you buy something new ask yourself these questions: Do I have this item in another form already? If so, Do you need another, or is the one you currently have sufficient? If not, can you buy it used? If you can, check craigslist, consignment & thrift stores, or yard sales first. If you must buy a new item, buy quality that will last, instead of cheap items that are essentially disposable. Just asking yourself these simple questions will lead you to consume less, and buy more thoughfully.

There are so many things I could add to this list, but this is a good start. If you have another, would you please share?! I'd love to hear what commitments you are going to make or renew this Earth Day.


To help my readers make a change, MamaGoesGreen is going to give away a LunchSkin snack bag and Skoy cloth pack to 2 lucky people! Just comment below to be entered! For the month of April you can receive an extra 10% off in the store with the code: APRIL. Also, any order over $50 receives free shipping! quality! Happy Earth Day!! Comments accepted until midnight Saturday, April 24th. Winners contacted Sunday, 25th. Good luck!


Lisa Sharp said...

Happy Earth Day! Thanks for stocking your store with great products to help people be green. :)

Latoshia said...

Woo-hoo! Earth day!

Rose said...

Happy Earth Day! I love the reusable lunch bags and would LOVE to win them!

rasrican (at) gmail (dot) com

Amanda said...

Happy Earth Day. We have switched from paper to cloth napkins and reusable lunch bags are next on the list.

Christy Howard said...

Happy Earth Day! I am new to being green. I started recycling about a year ago and now I'm trying to get away from lysol wipes for cleaning, and instead use rags and sponges that can be washed and reused. I'm also trying to be conscious with leaving the water running while brushing teeth or cleaning dishes. I still have a long way to go but I'm trying to make the effort to be greener! :) You have some great products and I can't wait to try them! said...

Happy Earth Day! LOVE my skoy. We rarely use a paper towel these days!

Marleyne said...

Happy Earth Day! Way to be green :)

Anonymous said...

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